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Dr. Whitfield, Austin’s premier plastic surgeon, will restore self-esteem and confidence in your image with an innovative, minimally-invasive procedure that helps contour and restore a firmer, more youthful neck and jawline.
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Dr. Whitfield, Austin’s premier plastic surgeon, will restore self-esteem and confidence in your image with an innovative, minimally-invasive procedure that helps contour and restore a firmer, more youthful neck and jawline.

Meet Dr. Robert Whitfield

A Top Plastic Surgeon in Austin, TX with Over 20 Years of Experience
Austin plastic surgeon Dr. Whitfield is a plastic surgeon for the age of high definition. With years of training, extensive experience, and a masterful hand, he works with patients to reach their aesthetic goals, restoring, refreshing or enhancing the appearance of their breasts, body or face.

He is a five-star Top Influencer in Cosmetic Surgery on RealSelf. He has been voted a Texas Super Doctor for his innovations in Austin plastic surgery. Austin Monthly magazine has voted him a Top Doctor in Austin. You can also find him listed among the Best Doctors in America.

Dr. Whitfield’s philosophy is that the best plastic surgery results are the ones you don’t see. He also strongly believes that patients have a right to know about ALL their non-surgical options before considering surgery. His goal is to work with you to bring about your self vision in a way that appears natural, flawless and 100% you.

Stop Seeing Double (Chin) with a Zoom Lift

With the sudden increase of online video conferencing for work, using video dating apps, and socializing and keeping up with family, we have all become aware of our appearance more than ever. Without the perfect lighting and angles, it seems our jowls and ‘double-chin’ are more visible than ever, taking front and center of our video chats, and the ‘touch up my appearance’ effect on some of the apps just doesn’t seem to help much.

Dr. Whitfield is proud to now offer his patients the MyEllevate Neck Lift, a minimally-invasive procedure that is quickly becoming known as ‘The Zoom Lift’, considering how it achieves a firmer, smoother neck and jawline, helping us to look our very best both online and in person. Now you can be happy to turn that webcam back on during the next work meeting!
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Scientific & Holistic

Listen to Dr. Whitfield's podcast episode on the Zoom Neck Lift:

What Is A Zoom Lift With MyEllevate?

The platysma muscle, or what is often referred to as our ‘grimace muscle’, is the area of the neck that is responsible for keeping our neck and jawline defined and smooth. With age, the muscle bands that maintain this taut appearance can begin to droop, causing a slacking of the neck and jawline area that can often lead to the appearance of a ‘double chin’.
Previous methods used to address this issue included procedures such as a "neck lift", which could require surgery, needing to be performed within a surgery center. This process could require IV medication, anesthesia, face dressings, drains, had downtime of up to two weeks, and necessitated multiple return visits for evaluating results and removing sutures.

With a Zoom Lift, none of these are needed! Due to its minimally invasive nature, it is an office-based procedure (no surgery center required), and there is no need for IV medications or general anesthesia. The recovery process involves wearing soft dressings for 10 days, but Austin MyEllevate Neck Lift patients can return to their normal activities the very next day!

Benefits Of The Zoom Lift:

A Zoom Lift with MyEllevate can often be performed in less than an hour, and there is often little to no bruising or swelling. And you can get back to your normal day’s schedule as quickly as the next day after the procedure.

You can have the MyEllevate Neck Lift procedure performed solo, but you can also get it in conjunction with other treatments and procedures – ask Dr. Whitfield what other options you could have performed at the same time!
Because the Zoom Lift is not a facelift, a neck lift, or a thread lift, patients can expect longer-lasting results using this simpler, easier, and less invasive technique than such traditional procedures. With quick, visible results that can last years, minimal side effects, and minimal time for both the procedure and recovery time, the Zoom Lift has many benefits over the traditional neck, face, and thread lift procedures.
What To Expect During The Procedure?

What To Expect During The Procedure?

One of the best features of our Austin Zoom Lift procedure, next to its results, is the ease with which the actual treatment process consists. Upon coming in for your appointment, Dr. Whitfield can begin the procedure, which will take place fully within the office – no surgery center required – and will begin by marking your skin for a guide to follow.
During a Zoom Lift Austin patients will be given local anesthesia in the treatment area so that they can remain as comfortable as possible during the entire procedure. The ICLED light-guided suture system will be introduced to the treatment area allowing sutures to be placed over the muscle and beneath the skin to lace the underlying muscles together. This is all done without the use of cutting or the need for general anesthesia, often being completed within an hour!
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Why Dr. Whitfield?

Dr. Whitfield, one of Texas’ Super Doctors (2017, 2018 superdoctors.com) and voted as one of the top doctors in Austin (Austin Monthly Magazine), found himself drawn to plastic surgery by the constant innovation.
If you have any questions or concerns about the Zoom Lift or MyEllevate procedure, feel free to come in for a consultation today to see how Dr. Whitfield can exceed your expectations with the most personal care and attention.
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Common Questions

Am I A Candidate For A Zoom Lift Procedure?

The MyEllevate Neck Lift procedure (or Zoom Lift) is an ideal solution for anyone looking to rejuvenate their lower face, but the best results will be seen in patients who have good skin elasticity but are lacking the definition they desire under the chin and along the jawline.

For anyone that doesn’t want to undergo extreme surgery or liposuction (although liposuction is often performed alongside the Zoom Lift for some patients), and has a busy schedule where extensive downtime is not an option, a Zoom Lift will be a wonderful option.

What Is The Recovery Like After A Zoom Lift?

After you have received the Zoom Lift, normal recovery involves mild swelling, bruising, and some tenderness in your treated areas. These side effects will typically go away without medication or additional treatment within three to five days.

Typically, a chin strap will be needed for a few days, and you may experience a ‘tight’ feeling or some dimpling in the few days after your treatment, which will also subside on their own. You can return to your normal schedule and activities within the next day, while heavy lifting or intense exercise is not recommended for at least two weeks.

Do Zoom Lift Results Last?

The best part about the Zoom Lift (also known as a MyEllevate minimally-invasive Neck Lift) is that results can be expected to last for anywhere from five years to a lifetime! The MyEllevate procedure is the only procedure that lifts the glands and the muscle to provide a better contour for the neck and jawline, allowing a more chiseled and smoother appearance to the neck area.
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