Austin’s #1 Choice for Natural, Beautiful and Holistic Plastic Surgery

Dr. Robert Whitfield is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who uses advanced and progressive technology to deliver superior aesthetic results that are specifically designed for your body’s unique DNA.

He has performed thousands of surgeries over his 20-year career and has hundreds of 5-star reviews. There’s no question why he’s Austin’s #1 choice for natural, holistic cosmetic surgery.
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A Unique Approach For Every Body

As a leading Austin plastic surgeon and innovator, Dr. Whitfield offers tailor-made solutions for each and every patient.

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As technology and medicine converge, your list of options for aesthetic enhancement is rapidly growing. On one hand, this can mean choices that are better suited to your body, budget, schedule and overall needs. On the other hand, it can be challenging to sort through the various offerings on the market today and determine which are right for you. Here at the office of Austin plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Whitfield, we offer a curated selection of best-in-class technologies and services designed to meet your specific needs — whatever they may be.
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HARP Recovery Program

Introducing the Revolutionary HARP Recovery Program by Dr. Robert Whitfield proven to accelerate post surgical healing and recovery.
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HARP Recovery Program

Introducting the Revolutionary HARP Recovery Program by Dr. Robert Whitfield proven to accelerate post surgical healing and recovery.
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Trim, Tighten & Tone

Austin’s Destination For Full-Body Skin Tightening & Body Contouring
The science of non-surgical body contouring has rapidly evolved in recent years. Results that were formerly only attainable through invasive surgeries with longer recovery times can now be achieved in just a few short treatments. Here at the office of Dr. Robert Whitfield we have a full suite of non-surgical, non-invasive body contouring technologies for the reduction of fat, the tightening of skin and toning of muscles. In many cases, we can accomplish dramatic results with no discomfort, no swelling and no downtime, right here in our Austin plastic surgery office.

Why Dr. Robert Whitfield Cosmetic surgery?

Right Technology
The Right Technology for Every Body
A leading researcher and innovator, Dr. Whitfield has made it his goal to offer his patients the widest array of body contouring options available in Austin. Whether you’re looking for a cutting-edge, non-surgical approach or have needs that would be better served with a minimally-invasive or surgical option, we truly have something for every body.
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Treatments for Every Area: Face, Neck & Body
When we say body contouring and skin tightening, we mean the whole body. Whether you’re looking for a solution to tighten and tone loose skin in the neck and face area, address excess fat under the chin, trim stubborn belly fat or lift other areas such as the arms or buttocks, we have an effective technology for you.
Combined Technologies
Combined Technologies for Superior Results
There are times when your specific goal and situation may require a mixture of technologies and procedures to achieve the exact outcome you are seeking. With our full complement of body sculpting and skin tightening technologies, at our Austin Plastic Surgery office we have the ability to address concerns in unique ways for superior results that other practices simply can’t achieve.
Fly Private
Why Fly First Class When you Can Fly Private?
We believe in curating technologies that offer not only superior results but also a superior experience. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can treat you in our private office setting in under an hour’s time, with completely hands-free technology. Come in over lunch and leave with no downtime, no swelling and no visible sign of treatment. This is the private airline experience for body contouring.
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Featured minimally or non-invasive body contouring options

What's your goal? We have a technology for that.

Tighten skin & reduce unwanted body fat without surgery

Gets rid of excess fat AND tightens the skin without leaving fairly large scars

Reshaping your body to fit your goals through strategic fat removal

A quick and easy non-surgical alternative to remodel skin on the face, chin, and jawline

Melt fat & tighten skin under your chin, in your cheeks, and around your neck without surgery!

Smart Tummy
Smart Thighs
Smart Knees
Smart Arms
Smart Back
Smart Butt

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What is a Smart Procedure?

A "smart" procedure means the procedure has a combination of Lipo, BodyTite/Accutite, and Morpheus 8.
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No-Cut Procedures with Ellacor

Dr. Robert Whitfield performs Ellacor treatments for patients in Austin Texas. What is Ellacor? Ellacor is the first and only device of its kind that removes skin on the microscale for an improvement in the appearance of wrinkles. You won’t have to worry about having scars. Dr. Rob has a three-layered approach that includes Ellacor. His “No-Cut” Procedures include Liposuction, BodyTite, and Ellacor.
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Meet Dr. Robert Whitfield

A Top Plastic Surgeon in Austin, TX, with Over 20 Years of Experience
Austin plastic surgeon Dr. Whitfield is a plastic surgeon for the age of high definition. With years of training, extensive experience, and a masterful hand, he works with patients to reach their aesthetic goals, restoring, refreshing or enhancing the appearance of their breasts, body or face.

He is a five-star Top Influencer in Cosmetic Surgery on RealSelf. He has been voted a Texas Super Doctor for his innovations in Austin plastic surgery. Austin Monthly magazine has voted him a Top Doctor in Austin. You can also find him listed among the Best Doctors in America.

Dr. Whitfield’s philosophy is that the best plastic surgery results are the ones you don’t see. He also strongly believes that patients have a right to know about ALL their non-surgical options before considering surgery. His goal is to work with you to bring about your self vision in a way that appears natural, flawless and 100% you.

“Because no two individuals are the same, every procedure must be approached with meticulous precision and personalized care.”

— Dr. Robert Whitfield, MD, FACS Plastic Surgeon - Austin, TX

Holistic & Scientific Podcast

Austin’s natural plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Whitfield brings you the true stories of actual Austin plastic surgery patients, navigates through their surgical and non-surgical treatment options, then reveals their chosen path forward and the results they achieved. Dr. Whitfield is a board certified plastic surgeon and Austin’s Natural Choice for plastic surgery, laser and energy treatments, and aesthetics.
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Aloe Skin + Body by Dr. Whitfield

Aloe Skin + Body is unique in that every treatment we do is completely and carefully designed for each individual. In today's fast-paced lifestyle, most places are set up to get people in and out as quickly as possible, without taking the time to understand the true needs of the client.
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A Holistic Approach to the Modern Medical Spa

Aloe Skin + Body was created with love and a passion for helping each client feel their best, and we pride ourselves in taking the time and attention to detail to deliver the best care possible. With Dr. Robert Whitfield’s experience and expertise we are uniquely suited to offer a spectrum of skin and body care, from our famous customized facials and specialty massage to experienced, cutting edge aesthetics and some of the top plastic surgery Austin has to offer, including minimally- and non-invasive treatments. No matter the goal(s) of each client, we take a holistic approach to care for each individual.

Dr. Whitfield and his team created Aloe Skin + Body with the goal of offering patients the restorative and relaxing atmosphere of a day spa with the rigorous evidence-based scrutiny of a board-certified plastic surgeon. Further, Dr. Whitfield believes that beauty cannot be fully and properly addressed without also taking overall health into view. That’s why we offer wellness services such as IV vitamin therapy and even massage, to address underlying deficiencies and stress that play a role in our outward appearance.

Spa Services


Aloe Skin + Body takes a holistic approach to skin and body care. Our facial treatments are luxurious and completely customized to help you meet your skincare goals. We use high quality natural and organic ingredients in all our treatments. Available Facials: Aloe Pure Facial, Osmosis MD Facials, Dermaplaning Facial with the option to add on a CBD mask, Teen Facials, Gua Sha Facials, Celluma Pro LED Light Therapy and Hot Oil Scalp Treatments.


The HydraFacial treatment offers a three-step hydradermabrasion system to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate tired, dull, and uneven skin. Aloe Skin + Body, HydraFacial is a relaxing experience that is customized to transform your complexion so it looks great from every angle. This treatment is so popular, there is one happening every fifteen seconds around the world!

Lymphatic Massage

A lymphatic drainage massage is a type of therapeutic face or body massage that helps to tone and lift skin while clearing lymph flow. Your massage specialist uses very light pressure and gentle, rhythmic strokes to promote lymphatic drainage which aims to reduce toxins within the body.

Massage Services

Regular massage therapy benefits you in many ways: Reduced muscle tension and stiffness, improved blood circulation and movement of lymph, improved posture, enhanced feeling of well-being, and a decrease in overall stress.

We offer the following modalities: Swedish, Deep tissue, Reflexology, Trigger point, Sports and Pre-Natal (requires doctor’s approval)

Skincare Products

Skincare is an incredibly important part of any anti-aging regimen, as well as a core component to facial rejuvenation surgery. After all, what good is making a bed without ironed and cleaned sheets? Plastic surgeon Dr. Whitfield offers a selection of incredibly powerful skincare products in Austin, ranging from lasers, radio frequency energy, peels, and topical products, all aimed to provide a unique answer to his patients’ issues.
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Featured Surgical Procedures

Discover The Beauty of Your Potential
  • Man Hair Restoration


    SmartGraft is an exciting new breakthrough in hair restoration. Dr. Whitfield can perform this in-office procedure to reverse hair loss in a way that is comfortable and long-lasting. Ditch the creams and gels and visible scars and experience the latest innovations in hair restoration.
  • Breast Implant Removal

    Breast Implant Removal

    From changes in lifestyle to health complications, there are many reasons women ultimately decide to undergo breast implant removal surgery. Dr. Whitfield is an expert on breast reconstruction techniques and can help you restore your breasts following implant removal for a look that is natural and beautiful.
  • Implant Revision

    Holistic Makeovers

    There are more options than ever available for women who wish to change the appearance of their breasts. Perhaps you received implants in the past before these new techniques were available and wish you’d had the opportunity to incorporate them into your own procedure, or would like to correct an issue or complication with a previous procedure. Dr. Whitfield can guide you through these innovations in breast augmentation and help you find your perfect look.
  • Body Contouring

    Zoom Lift

    Body Contouring is quickly gaining popularity for its ability to produce incredible results without invasive procedures or long recovery times. Dr. Whitfield is a leading expert in innovative body contouring procedures and can help you explore how these exciting new techniques can reshape your body in ways that could only be done with major surgery just a few years ago.
  • Body Sculpting

    Fat Transfer

    Fat is not your enemy! In fact, fat can be your friend. Fat transfer, or fat grafting, is a procedure in which excess fat is harvested from an unwanted area and replaced somewhere else on your body to create beautiful, soft, natural volume.
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Discover the Whitfield Difference

Innovative Aesthetic Treatments That Fit Your Lifestyle
Dr. Robert Whitfield’s passion for progress led him down the path to becoming a leading plastic surgeon in Austin. As past president of the research arm of The Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation (ASERF), he spearheaded valuable innovations that have reshaped how practices across the globe view their patients. When you work with Dr. Whitfield on your body goals, you are partnering with a doctor at the forefront of what is possible in the field; and one who believes that the best plastic surgeons are the ones whose work is the least obvious. The results of cosmetic surgery should be obvious to the patient, but look natural to everyone else. That’s what Dr. Whitfield means by “100% you.”
The Holistic Mommy Makeover
Evoke & Evolve
Dr. Rob's Solutions: Holistic in Spirit Scientific in Approach
Whitfield Accelerated Recovery Program

Request your consultation with Austin’s premier plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Whitfield.

Your journey begins with a face-to-face with Dr. Whitfield to discuss your goals and ideal outcome. The doctor’s years of experience and research into the latest developments in plastic surgery will ensure you receive the best personalized advice. Get started by completing the nearby form.

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