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Smart Tummy Tuck
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A protuberant belly can be a perpetual source of insecurity for many.

Regardless of whether or not you have a diet and exercise routine in place, these fat deposits can get in the way of achieving your desired body image and seriously affect your self-esteem. This is where an abdominoplasty, commonly called a tummy tuck, can come to your rescue.

A traditional tummy tuck, however, is a fairly demanding procedure particularly in terms of recovery time. Not all of us can afford the downtime that this process necessitates and are, therefore, hesitant to go forward with it. For such candidates, Dr. Robert Whitfield has optimized the method to be less extensive so that you can go back to leading an active lifestyle as soon as you leave our office.

What is a Smart Tummy Tuck?

Stubborn pockets of fat that remain unaffected by diet and exercise can make our self-esteem plummet, but taking a leave from work to get it resolved by a traditional tummy tuck is just not an option for some of us. Dr. Whitfield recognizes this problem and has devised an alternative that is significantly less demanding.

The smart tummy tuck is a procedure best suited for treating mild to moderate excess abdominal skin or fat. It does not require general anesthesia which can be a daunting prospect for many. Instead, a smart tummy tuck is performed under local anesthesia in considerably less time within our office. It has no downtime, and you can resume your daily activities as usual without any discomfort or worry.

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"Smart" Tummy Tuck


Benefits of a Smart Tummy Tuck

A pivotal upside to the smart tummy tuck is that it does not leave behind the dreaded scar that a traditional tummy tuck would. If you have been considering this procedure but feel deterred by the scar that it would leave behind, this may just be the solution that you need.

With absolutely no downtime, our Austin Smart Tummy Tuck patients won’t have to worry about putting their life and regular activities on hold as they recover from the surgery. The procedure is quick, office-based, and effective, without the side effects of general anesthesia. Dr. Whitfield’s smart tummy tuck is also completely painless and drainless.

Am I a Candidate for a Smart Tummy Tuck?

Whether or not you would need a traditional tummy tuck or a smart tummy tuck would be best determined by Dr. Whitfield himself once he has conducted a comprehensive physical exam on you.

A smart tummy tuck is significantly less extensive than a traditional one and so, is better suited for you if you:

  • have mild to moderate excess skin and fat in your abdomen
  • have mild rectus diastasis
  • have separation of abdominal muscles
  • have a protuberant appearance in your lower abdomen
  • cannot afford a prolonged downtime from work and other daily activities
  • do not want to get general anesthesia
  • do not want a visible scar across your lower abdomen

The Smart Tummy Tuck Procedure

Before the Smart Tummy Tuck Austin Plastic Surgeon Dr. Whitfield will have an in-depth discussion with you regarding your lifestyle and your goals pertaining to your body. This comprehensive evaluation will enable him to develop a meticulous treatment plan that is best suited to you and your needs. He will then perform an extensive physical exam in order to assess:

  • Skin elasticity
  • The amount of protruding fat or skin
  • The strength and condition of your abdominal muscles
  • Waist fat
  • Stretch marks

The procedure itself typically takes less than two hours and is performed in our office in Austin. The lower abdomen is locally anesthetized so that the patient does not feel any pain during or after the procedure. Dr. Whitfield uses a combination of Morpheus8, BodyTite, Fractora, and PALS or Power-assisted Liposuction, all of which are tried and tested treatments for dissolving fat and resurfacing the skin, during the surgery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

smart tummy tuck austin
Recovery Cost

How long is the recovery time from a smart tummy tuck?

While recovery time from any surgery depends largely on the individual’s unique healing process and time, the smart tummy tuck is most desirable as it has no such downtime. It is a quick procedure that does not require you to take a break from your daily life in order to rest and recover.

How much does a smart tummy tuck cost?

The smart tummy tuck entails a pretty standard procedure but can still differ from patient to patient. The exact cost can only be ascertained after meeting the patient for an in-person consultation.

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