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Your self-esteem and body image

Dr. Robert Whitfield understands the importance of resolving an unsightly tummy bulge in restoring self-esteem and confidence in your body image. He is sensitive to the fact that you lead a busy life and may not be able to afford a long recovery time. Historically, the downside of a tummy tuck is the long recovery. For certain qualified patients, Dr. Whitfield offers a drainless and painless tummy tuck, a modern technique that significantly reduces recovery time.

Your tummy tuck consultation—should I have a tummy tuck?

During your abdominoplasty consultation, Dr. Whitfield will perform a full physical exam to assess:

  • Skin elasticity, level of excess hanging skin or tissue
  • The quantity of underlying fat lodged at the abdomen
  • The strength and condition of your abdominal muscles
  • Waist fat (love handles)
  • Stretch marks

He will listen to your goals and discuss your current lifestyle. This comprehensive evaluation and in-depth discussion results in the development of a custom treatment plan to address all physical issues with the abdomen, including excess fat and hanging skin, and split muscle structure.

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What type of tummy tuck is right for me?

With several options available, Dr. Whitfield will determine which procedure will be most effective in your case. All tummy tuck procedures are customized to suit the patient.

Drainless, painless tummy tuck – advanced tummy tuck technique

Most tummy tuck procedures performed by Dr. Whitfield are “drainless & painless.” During surgery, Dr. Whitfield injects a long-lasting analgesic called Exparel into your abdomen. The benefit of Exparel is that you will be in considerably less pain during your early recovery as the painkiller stays active for about three days.

The decreased discomfort makes it possible for you to be up and moving quicker, hastening recovery. Another benefit is that you will not need as many, if any, post-op narcotics – many patients are fine with just Tylenol. Not only is this better for your recovery, but it means that you can return to your normal life much faster.

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No drain tummy tuck? Yes.

In the past, a tummy tuck surgery left the patient with drains. The drains remove the fluid buildup triggered by the skin and muscles separation during surgery, assisting with recovery and helping to avoid complications. Most patients find drains to be one of the most unpleasant parts of a tummy tuck.

For many patients, Dr. Whitfield uses an advanced technique, with a medical product called TissuGlu to reduce the space between the abdominal wall flap and the underlying muscle. The result is a drainless tummy tuck. Not only does this speed the healing process, but it means that you can start wearing your regular clothes much faster.

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Tummy Tuck Austin, Dr. Robert Whitfield in Austin, TX

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Tummy Tuck Austin, Dr. Robert Whitfield in Austin, TX

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