The BRAVE Coalition was founded to help women restore what breast cancer may have taken from them. “BRAVE” stands for Breast Restoration AdVocacy and Education. Health insurance companies are required to cover breast restoration after cancer surgery, but the facts reveal that many women are unaware that this procedure is covered.

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The BRAVE community and Dr. Whitfield

Austin plastic surgeon Dr. Whitfield is a committed supporter of BRAVE and its mission to assist women. BRAVE was established in 2013 by Christine Grogan who recognized the need for a place where women could get information about breast reconstruction – often a complex and confusing issue. It was discovered that even though one in eight women develop breast cancer and require mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery, only about 30 percent of them were aware that under federal law, their health insurance company was required to cover breast reconstruction.

You have the right to have your breasts restored.

If you are being treated for breast cancer and facing mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery, you have rights under the law – rights that allow you to restore your breasts – often a critical aspect of a full recovery on a personal, and emotional level.

Implant-based breast restoration

With implant-based breast reconstruction, it is critical that from among the many, many sizes, types, and shapes, the perfect implants for your figure are selected. Dr. Whitfield takes detailed measurements of your chest, listens closely to what you envision, and uses 3D imaging for a more thorough concept of how various types of implants will look on your unique body.

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DIEP flap breast restoration

One of the most exciting developments in breast reconstruction surgery is a cutting-edge technique to restore breasts with the use of your own natural tissue. Dr. Whitfield is recognized as leader in the DIEP flap option – the fat and tissue to create a new breast mound is harvested from the lower abdomen in a procedure similar to a tummy tuck.

As a microvascular surgeon, Dr. Whitfield uses the most advanced surgical techniques to recreate a natural breast from your own tissue, while slimming the lower body as an added bonus. Dr. Whitfield feels very privileged to be part of your journey to recovery and good health, and to provide support and professional skill in breast restoration.

"Because no two individuals are the same, cosmetic enhancement must be approached with meticulous precision and personalized care."

– Dr. Robert Whitfield, MD, FACS Plastic Surgeon – Austin, TX