October 6, 2022

PODCAST: How I Diagnose & Treat SIBO [Bonus 2]

What is SIBO? Dr. Whitfield explains small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, a common BII symptom, and how he searches for SIBO-related imbalances to ensure patients aren’t going into surgery with anemia.



Speaker 1 (00:03):
Welcome to The Holistic and Scientific Podcast with board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Whitfield, Austin’s natural choice for plastic surgery and the expert in smart laser and energy treatments.

Dr. Robert Whitfield (00:20):
So everyone’s really interested in SIBO, Candice. Can you explain what that is?

Candice (00:25):
Yes. SIBO stands for a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, and common symptoms are extreme bloating, high food sensitivity, so there’s the low FOD map, different dietary restrictions that you follow to reduce the amount of bloating and discomfort that you have. But ultimately, you have to take most often a special kind of antibiotic that just addresses the bacteria in the small intestine. And so, that’s a very common issue for women that I’ve found that have breast implants.

Dr. Robert Whitfield (01:02):
So I agree with you, that’s certainly one of the more common things to look at, so we do different stool tests. I look for imbalance, which is basically what you’re describing and so it can be bacterial, it can be fungal, it can be parasitic. If someone say, for instance, is continuing to have anemia after their periods ’cause of their cycles lasting too long, which can be a problem with breast implant illness, other endocrine abnormalities, they can have parasitic overgrowth when parasites will sequester their iron and continue to make them anemic. So I’ve had to give patients injections of IV iron prior to surgery so that they’re not anemic when they undergo surgery.

Speaker 1 (01:44):
Dr. Robert Whitfield is a board certified plastic surgeon located in Austin, Texas, near 360 and Walsh Tarlton in Westlake. To learn more, go to drrobertwhitfield.com or follow Dr. Rob on Instagram, @drrobertwhitfield. Links to learn more about Dr. Rob’s smart procedures and anything else mentioned on today’s show are available in the show notes. The Holistic and Scientific Podcast is a production of The Axis.

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