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What is a liquid rhinoplasty?

A liquid rhinoplasty is a non-surgical treatment using dermal filler such as Restylane to shape and smooth the nose. This treatment can flatten dips, smooth bumps, and lift a drooping tip – no scalpels or stitches involved.

Benefits of a Liquid Rhinoplasty

  • Straighten a crooked nose
  • Create more definition
  • Make nose appearance more symmetrical
  • Smooth bumps and dips in the nose
  • Lift the tip of a drooping nose
  • Improve the profile
  • Quick procedure with zero downtime
  • Immediate results that can be tweaked over time
  • Less expensive than traditional nose jobs

What can I expect during a liquid rhinoplasty?

During a liquid rhinoplasty, a topical anesthesia will be applied to slightly numb the area. Dr. Whitfield will administer the chosen dermal filler with meticulous care, to smooth bumps and create more refined definition. He may also administer BOTOX to help achieve the desired results.

The treatment only takes less than 30 minutes and you will be able to return to work afterward. There may be some slight bruising and tenderness at the injection site which can be covered with makeup.

Liquid Rhinoplasty Austin

Results of a liquid rhinoplasty

The results of a liquid rhinoplasty are immediate and can last from six months to two years. The longevity of results is dependent on each unique case and the type of filler used. The most popular dermal fillers for liquid rhinoplasty treatments, such as Restylane and Juvéderm Voluma, slowly break down and are absorbed into the body over time.

Most patients should return for a re-evaluation six months after their initial treatment. Since the treatment results eventually fade as the body absorbs the fillers, it is ideal for those who may want to tweak the treatments to see which results they prefer. A traditional nose job provides results that last a lifetime, but a liquid rhinoplasty is ultimately adjustable.

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Why choose Dr. Whitfield for a liquid rhinoplasty?

Dr. Robert Whitfield is known for his attention to detail and artistic eye, which is crucial for intricate treatments such as a liquid rhinoplasty. There are risks, so it is imperative that you work with a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience and a five-star rating on realself.com: Dr. Whitfield.

Located in Austin, Dr. Robert Whitfield’s facilities are the premiere destination for discerning men and women looking to improve their appearance. Dr. Whitfield specializes in detailed non-surgical treatments that provide the best results with little downtime. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Robert Whitfield or call (877) 785-2832 to boost your confidence and achieve your desired results.

Liquid Rhinoplasty Austin

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