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Extremely effective on both men and women, Kybella works best on patients with small, isolated pockets of fat who still have good skin elasticity. During your consultation, Dr. Robert Whitfield will examine the skin and fat under your chin to determine whether or not it’s the right treatment for your needs. Patients with an excessive amount of fat will probably do better with liposuction, while those with loose skin may need to add some type of skin tightening treatment or consider a surgical neck lift.

What is Kybella?

Kybella is an injectable product made up of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body that works to break down or “melt” fat. During your treatment, Dr. Whitfield will inject your chin with multiple, small injections, creating a grid-like pattern. The treatments are fast, taking only 15 to 20 minutes. With time, the deoxycholic acid will destroy the fat cells under your chin, and the fat will be eliminated through the body by the lymphatic system. Kybella is one of the most effective treatments for double chin reduction Austin has available to its cosmetic patients.

Are there any off-label uses for Kybella?

While Kybella is currently only FDA approved for use on the submental fat under the chin, it can be used to treat fat in other areas. Whenever a plastic surgeon uses a product in a way for which it wasn’t intended, it is called “off label.” Some of the most common off-label uses are treating the bra rolls, fatty deposits behind the knee and, occasionally, the upper arms. The problem with treating large areas of fat with Kybella is the expense. More fat means using more product, and this can make the cost prohibitive.

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Recovery from Kybella

While every patient heals at his or her own rate, you can expect to be both bruised and swollen following your double chin reduction in Austin. Most of this should resolve within 1 to 2 weeks, although the swelling may take longer.

Certain patients also experience numbness, redness and small lumps or bumps. The latter typically means that the Kybella is working, as those hard lumps are actually fat cells.

While these symptoms may be a bit uncomfortable, none should prohibit you from returning to your daily life immediately. The use of ice, anti-inflammatories and arnica, either as a topical cream or gel or as a homeopathic tablet, can reduce the effects of the swelling, as well as its duration.

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