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Am I a good candidate for EmbraceRF?

The EmbraceRF technology is an outstanding new option for patients who are not interested in the downtime associated with a facelift but want to improve their overall facial aesthetic dramatically. For many patients, a surgical facelift or neck lift isn’t exactly needed; they are somewhere between what BOTOX and dermal fillers can do and surgery. Enter EmbraceRF. With the skin tightening abilities of BodyTite, and the resurfacing utility of Morpheus8, a non-surgical, full facial rejuvenation is now possible.

How does EmbraceRF work?

EmbraceRF combines skin tightening with resurfacing to provide the best, most results-driven option to patients who aren’t yet ready for a facelift. By offering this procedure at his cosmetic facility, Dr. Whitfield is making available to his patients arguably the best non-invasive skin tightening Austin has to offer.

A minimally-invasive radio-frequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL) solution, EmbraceRF provides internal and external liposuction contouring and shaping the fibrous tissues.

In combination with Morpheus8, Dr. Whitfield is able to smooth the surface layer of the skin, delivering a remarkably youthful, natural improvement.

Is an EmbraceRF treatment painful?

An EmbraceRF treatment is considered relatively painless. A topical numbing cream, as well as the administration of numbing injections to the treatment area, will ensure your complete comfort during your skin tightening in Austin procedure.

How is EmbraceRF different from other facial contouring treatments?

BOTOX and facial fillers can stave off the effects of time for a while, but, eventually, facial skin will become too loose for these modalities to help. At this point in time, patients are normally steered toward a neck lift or a facelift, or a combination – procedures aimed at removing redundant skin.

Additionally, the surface of the skin at this point in the aging process is typically weathered. Dr. Whitfield is able to get fantastic neck lift and facelift results, but if the skin’s surface is damaged, that lifting and tightening will be for naught. Enter the other half of EmbraceRF, Morpheus8. Also utilizing radio frequency, Morpheus8 works to smooth and “clean” the skin’s surface layers.

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What are the benefits of EmbraceRF?

  • One-time procedure
  • Performed in-office under local anesthesia
  • Short procedure and minimal downtime
  • Minimally invasive
  • Rejuvenates the neck
  • Improves jawline
  • Natural and youthful-looking outcome

How long is the recovery period?

The beauty of EmbraceRF is the non-existent downtime. The procedure is performed in the office under local anesthesia only. You can expect to have swelling and some bruising for approximately seven to 10 days. Most patients return to work or their normal activities within the first week post-treatment.

How quickly will I see results from my EmbraceRF treatment?

The results are visible immediately and will continue to improve over time. Your skin will continue to improve over time and tighten for up to one year after your EmbraceRF treatment.

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How many treatments will I need?

One EmbraceRF treatment is needed. Results are evaluated on a monthly basis. For the best results in non-invasive skin tightening Austin has to offer, a personalized maintenance plan will be developed with each patient.

Why choose Dr. Whitfield for your EmbraceRF treatment?

Specializing in advanced techniques for breast, face, and body, Dr. Whitfield truly cares about his patients.

He is a perfectionist who is committed to providing natural results that consistently exceed his patients’ expectations. Listed year after year in “Best Doctors in America, Dr. Whitfield offers the highest level of experience rooted in academic excellence and real-life experiences.

To find out more about EmbraceRF with Dr. Robert Whitfield, call us today at 877-785-2382 or schedule a consultation at our Austin location in West Lake Hills.

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