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BodyTite is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that uses RFAL, or radio frequency-assisted lipolysis. FDA approved for skin tightening, the device works via two points of treatment: one on top of the skin and one under the skin. The energy passes between these two points, heating the tissues from both inside and outside. This destroys the underlying fat cells in the treatment area and leaves your skin tighter and appearing smoother and more youthful.

Is BodyTite right for you?

BodyTite is a truly exciting new addition to Dr. Robert Whitfield’s body contouring tool chest. It is the first non-invasive procedure that he’s seen to deliver surgical results with no downtime and little scarring.

During your consultation for BodyTite in Austin, Dr. Whitfield will discuss your body contouring goals. He will perform a physical exam, assessing your skin quality, skin laxity, and the degree of excess fat. The procedure is ideal for patients who have small amounts of excess fat, and loose, but not severely-sagging skin.

BodyTite can be performed alone or in conjunction with another procedure, such as liposuction or Cellfina for cellulite.

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What are the benefits of BodyTite?

The benefits of BodyTite are the following:

  • The treatments are fast, requiring ten to fifteen minutes.
  • There is minimal scarring.
  • There is no downtime.
Bodytite Austin, TX

Another Benefit of BodyTite versus Traditional Liposuction

While both techniques remove fat by suctioning it out of the body, BodyTite offers one very desirable advantage over traditional liposuction. Frequently when we lose weight—by whatever means—the skin does not have the elasticity to automatically tighten and look smooth. In fact, the older we become, the less collagen we produce naturally and the more the skin will sag.

Liposuction removes unwanted fat but relies on naturally elastic skin to tighten around the new contours. BodyTite stimulates collagen growth and, on its own, can help tighten the skin. This makes liposuction a viable option for many more for those patients with skin that is less elastic.

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How long does it take to recover from BodyTite?

Your recovery from the procedure will depend on which area or areas you have treated. In general, most patients will experience some post-treatment swelling, bruising or occasional uncomfortable tightness, and wearing a compressive garment is often recommended. There is no actual downtime associated with BodyTite, and most people can return to daily life immediately and exercise within a few days, when the symptoms subside. The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia in the office.

How long will it take to see results and how long do they last?

Improvement can be seen quickly but final results may take up to six months. These results can last for years if a steady weight is maintained.

Visit with us to restore and rejuvenate body skin.

To find out more about BodyTite, the gold standard for body skin rejuvenation, visit our private, luxury clinic in Austin. Expect arguably the best results in BodyTitle Austin has to offer with a remarkable difference in skin quality, appearance, and firmness.

Bodytite Austin, TX

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