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What is AccuTite?

AccuTite skin tightening helps firm loose skin and remove excess fat. Developed by InMode, the AccuTite system is a customized device to tighten skin on hard-to-reach areas on the face, neck, and body.

This noninvasive device provides a remarkable improvement in skin quality and appearance in just one treatment session. The AccuTite device is a minimally invasive system to tighten and firm up skin in just a short treatment. The device uses advanced technology, radio-frequency assisted lipolysis (RFAL), delivering precision heating to the deeper skin layers, triggering natural regeneration, and gently melting away excess fat.

How does AccuTite work?

AccuTite is a groundbreaking aesthetic treatment for skin remodeling. It produces results that before, were only thought possible with surgery. Using RF lipolysis, it safely melts fat and helps skin retract for slimmer, tighter contours of the face, neck, and body. Virtually anywhere you desire to reshape and contour can benefit from AccuTite treatments. Accuite is the smallest device designed to treat the nasolabial folds, bra fat, and really any small focal area. When Dr. Whitfield discusses these treatments with his patients, he makes a point to show them the devices and just how small they are.

Double Chin Reduction in Austin, Texas

This double chin reduction treatment is a very popular treatment among our clients. AccuTite reduces chin fat without the need for surgery, scars, or a long recovery time that is the hallmark of traditional surgery. Instead, it works to get rid of double chin fat using radiofrequency energy (RF), which breaks down fat cells and tightens skin with gentle heat.

accutite austin accutite austin

AccuTite technology has impressive outcomes

If you've ever considered a more serious or invasive procedure to firm skin, look younger, and remove fatty deposits, Dr. Whitfield highly recommends AccuTite treatments. Visible skin rejuvenation can be achieved with this non-invasive double-chin reducing procedure in just one appointment. Imagine re-sculpting your body, while tightening and firming your skin in a fast and easy treatment that produces results you can see and feel.

Slim & contour face, neck, and body with AccuTite. This precision treatment can firm and tighten a range of areas of the face and body, including:

  • Chin
  • Brow
  • Around the eyes
  • Smile lines
  • Neck
  • Bra fat
  • Upper arms
  • Hands
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Lower face (jowls, creases, lines)
  • Knees

Benefits of AccuTite

Imagine being able to undergo a fast, minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment that achieves visible, long-term results.

Dr. Whitfield Austin

It's all possible with the groundbreaking AccuTite technology. Some of the min benefits of AccuTite include:

  • Non-surgical
  • Minimally invasive
  • Safe
  • Exceptional results
  • No need for general anesthesia
  • Fast and effective treatment
  • No pain
  • Easy recovery — no restrictions
  • Immediate results that improve with time
  • FDA-cleared
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AccuTite treatments in Austin, Texas

Dr. Whitfield is a plastic surgeon in Austin that is committed to providing patients the most effective non-surgical treatments. AccuTite treatments in Austin are the “gold standard” in non-surgical skin tightening, firming, and rejuvenation, along with precision fat removal without liposuction, stitches, incisions, or a long recovery time. It takes only minutes to take years off your looks, with some of the best results in double chin reduction with a precision AccuTite treatment.

AccuTite vs. FaceTite — Which is Better?

Dr. Whitfield offers both FaceTite and AccuTite, depending on the area a patient wishes to have treated. While in many cases they can be used interchangeably, there are some times when AccuTite is the better choice.

This neck and face tightening device boasts the same proven technology as FaceTite. Perhaps the biggest difference between FaceTite and AccuTite is the size of the device. AccuTite is the smallest RF device available on the skin tightening market today. It is ideal for those small, hard-to-reach areas such as the chin and neck, particularly in petite patients. The AccuTite wand navigates tight curves with ease. This helps to ensure that no area is missed. It also ensures that only the target area gets treated, without affecting nearby skin that you don’t want to treat. While FaceTite and AccuTite use the same proven technology and deliver impressive results, the latter is smaller in size.

Dr. Whitfield will examine your skin, listen to your concerns, and provide you with a customized medical recommendation so you can get the best clinical results from your FaceTite or AccuTite treatment. He regularly uses both technologies on patients with successful results; It is only a matter of evaluating the patient so he can determine which of the two will be the best match for your unique needs. You are in good hands with an experienced Austin plastic surgeon who offers the latest skin tightening technology as an alternative to surgery.

AccuTite pain & recovery, compared to liposuction

AccuTite recovery is minimal. Likewise, chin liposuction that is performed on a small area such as the chin has virtually no downtime at all. Depending on the patient’s level of comfort, liposuction can be performed under light sedation, or at a surgery center under general anesthesia, which is the more costly option. If you are only having chin lipo, light sedation is generally all that is needed. AccuTite, on the other hand, never requires general anesthesia. Typically, only a topical numbing cream or local anesthetic is needed to perform the treatment.

AccuTite vs Liposuction — Which is better?

AccuTite for double chin fat, for example, is a non-surgical procedure that does not involve scars, big incisions, or lengthy downtime. It slims and tightens skin in small, hard-to-reach areas like the chin with ease. Liposuction for chin fat is a surgical alternative. Both provide permanent fat reduction. Once is not necessarily better than the other, but there are key differences between the two treatments that patients should understand.

AccuTite FAQs

accutite austin
Treatment Recovery

What is AccuTite treatment like?

The skin-tightening and precision fat reduction treatment requires only minutes to perform, no surgery required. During treatment, an external electrode slides along the surface of the skin, while an internal electrode emits RF current, tightening, and firming soft tissue. The tiny cannula (hollow needle) is inserted into the area to be treated for deep skin tightening and remodeling through a small insertion point in your skin — so small, it doesn't require stitches or create a visible scar. As the area to be treated will be numbed with local anesthesia, the treatment is not difficult or painful to experience and takes only minutes to complete.

What is AccuTite recovery like?

Our patients can return to most daily activities shortly after the procedure — a major advantage compared to open surgery, which has a downtime of several weeks. The AccuTite downtime is just about three or four days. There aren’t any scars or large incisions, so AccuTite aftercare is not necessary. Temporary redness, swelling, small bruising, and tenderness at the treatment site are the most common AccuTite side effects. This tends to resolve quickly.

AccuTite both reduces fat AND tightens skin!

Most important is the fact the liposuction does NOT tighten skin; It only removes fat. Liposuction can remove a lot more fat than AccuTite. However, this is not always necessary. Submental chin fat, for example, does not need such an aggressive option to get the beautiful, slim, defined jawline you desire.

In truth, removing a large amount of fat with liposuction can have an undesired effect by causing loose skin. This is not what we want to happen on delicate facial skin, such as the jowls, face, and chin area. You won’t have this problem with AccuTite. And for patients that already have a small amount of loose skin that they would like to make firmer, then AccuTite may be the clear winner. Finally, liposuction is not a great option for delicate, small, and hard-to-reach areas, such as heavy eyebrows and around the eyes. AccuTite is designed specifically for areas like these that were once considered hard to treat.

AccuTite side effects & results, compared to liposuction

Another difference is the side effects. Chin liposuction tends to result in more swelling and bruising because it is a more aggressive and invasive procedure. When you are trying to get rid of double chin fat, the pronounced swelling can make it harder to see the results. AccuTite is also considered less painful than liposuction, as evidenced by the fact that general anesthesia is never required for AccuTite procedures. Both procedures provide long-lasting results. Once the fat cells are removed, it will never come back, unless you gain weight. Some of the Austin skin tightening treatments that are available include:

  • InMode Evoke for Face Skin Remodeling & Facial Fat Reduction
  • InMode Evolve for Neck Remodeling & Chin/Jowl/Neck Fat Reduction
  • AccuTite for Facial Skin Tightening & Double Chin
  • BodyTite to Reduce Fat & Tighten Loose Skin on the Body
  • FaceTite to Tighten Saggy Facial Skin
  • Fractora for Fractional Skin Resurfacing
  • EmbraceRF for Skin Tightening & Skin Resurfacing
accutite austin accutite austin

Sitting down for a talk with Dr. Whitfield is the first step on the path to the body you want. No matter your desired results, Dr. Whitfield’s years of experience and research into the latest developments in plastic surgery will help you along your journey. Contact us for a consultation today, and you’ll see why Dr. Robert Whitfield is widely regarded as a “Texas Super Doctor.”

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