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Lip Augmentation
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What is a lip augmentation? A plumper looking pout is definitely en vogue.

Patients of all ages are coming in with photos of celebrities, notably Jennifer Lawrence and Angelina Jolie, wanting to know how they can get a similar look to their lips.

Our lip augmentation injections are a non-surgical procedure in which either filler or fat is injected into the upper, or the lower lip to create a fuller, but natural-looking result.

What can I expect with my lip augmentation?

As with any other cosmetic procedure, your results are going to depend on your anatomy. During your lip augmentation consultation, Austin plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Whitfield will discuss your desired outcome and examine your lips.

He is assessing not only their skin elasticity, but also the relationship of your lips to the rest of your face. While Kylie Jenner may have the lips of your dreams, it does not mean that you can achieve exactly that look – your lip augmentation in Austin must be fully customized to suit your facial structure.

lip augmentation austin austin lip augmentation

Non-invasive lip augmentation with fillers

Gone are the days when a lip augmentation meant an overblown pout that made the patient look like a puffer fish.

Thanks to the wide variety of new fillers on the market that are specifically designed for the lips, Dr. Whitfield has quite a few tools in his tool chest for delivering truly natural-looking lips. Often, he will use a combination of our different lip fillers to create the best lips for your individual face.

Why choose Dr. Whitfield for lip augmentation

Dr. Whitfield Austin

Dr. Whitfield’s goal with all of his lip augmentation patients is to deliver a plump, youthful-looking lip that is proportional to the rest of the face. He will listen to your concerns to determine the best treatment plan for your needs to deliver natural results that exceed your expectations.

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How much filler is used to achieve the look I want?

No matter which of our lip fillers are used, Dr. Whitfield will start with a small amount, 0.5 – 1ml, and build up from there. This allows him to achieve a natural-looking amount of volume without going too far. It is always easier to add more filler than it is to take it away.

What are the benefits of lip augmentation with fillers?

Younger, fuller lips

No surgery or implants

Less recovery

Minimal to no pain


What fillers are used?

lip augmentation austin
Juvéderm Volbella Restylane Silk

This is also an HA (hyaluronic acid) filler from another respected manufacturer. Dr. Whitfield uses this on both the upper and lower lip of our Austin lip injections patients to restore lost volume.

Designed specifically for the lips, Volbella is less about pumping up the volume than it is about smoothing out the appearance of the lips. Patients who have tried this HA filler describe it as achieving a look of lip gloss.

Part of the Restylane family of fillers, Restylane Silk was specifically designed to increase fullness in the upper and lower lip. It is a hyaluronic acid (HA)-based filler. HA is a naturally occurring substance in the body. The nice thing about HA fillers is that they are safe; most patients have no adverse or allergic reaction to them. Additionally, if you dislike like your results, HA fillers can be dissolved.

Lip augmentation with fat transfer

For some patients, Dr. Whitfield will recommend a lip augmentation with fat transfer or fat grafting. Here, he will remove a small amount of fat from an area of the body where you don’t want it such as the abdomen or outer thighs. The fat will be cleaned, purified and placed into a syringe. Dr. Whitfield will then carefully inject the fat into your lips using a cannula to reduce bruising.

Are there any risks with a fat transfer procedure?

The important thing to keep in mind with a lip augmentation with fat transfer is that not all of the fat will “take” or survive. At first, your lips may look overdone, but they will adjust with time. While many patients like the idea of using their own fat – since it means that they aren’t putting something foreign into their bodies – a lip augmentation with fat transfer is less predictable than a treatment with an HA filler. Also, the fat that is transferred will heal, but results may vary.

lip augmentation austin lip augmentation austin

Recovery from a lip augmentation

The lips are particularly sensitive, so you can expect to be swollen for a week to ten days after lip augmentation. Dr. Whitfield advises his lip augmentation patients to apply ice during the recovery phase. You may have some mild bruising as well. Beyond this, there is no downtime associated with a lip augmentation; patients can return to daily activities immediately. As with all filler treatments, it will take two weeks before you’ll see your final results.

Sitting down for a talk with Dr. Whitfield is the first step on the path to the body you want. No matter your desired results, Dr. Whitfield’s years of experience and research into the latest developments in plastic surgery will help you along your journey. Contact us for a consultation today, and you’ll see why Dr. Robert Whitfield is widely regarded as a “Texas Super Doctor.”

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