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If laser hair removal is not for you, we also offer sugaring and waxing.

Sugaring hair removal uses a sticky paste which is made up of citrus, sugar, and water. The paste is applied to any body area that has unwanted hair and is then removed in the direction of the hair growth.

Because the sugar paste doesn't stick to the top layer of the skin, it doesn't pull at live skin cells. Instead, it removes the hair from the root making it especially effective for curly hair.

Many clients feel that sugaring is more comfortable than waxing. It is gentler on the skin and because sugar has a lower melting point is feels warm, but never hot.

  • Brow Sugar – $30
  • Brow and Lip Sugar – $45
  • Butt Cheek Sugar – $35
  • Chin Sugar – $25
  • Chin and Lip Sugar – $40
  • Full Arm (includes hands) Sugar – $55
  • Full Face (including brows) Sugar – $70
  • Full Leg (including feet) Sugar – $100
  • Half Leg Sugar – $60
  • Half Arm Sugar – $35
  • Lip Sugar – $20
  • Sideburn Sugar – $20
  • Underarm Sugar – $30
  • Women Full Back (including shoulders)
    Sugar – $35
  • Women Half Back Sugar – $25
  • Women Chest Sugar – $25
  • Women Stomach Sugar – $25
  • Men Full Back (including shoulders) Sugar – $65
  • Men Half Back Sugar – $40
  • Men Chest Sugar – $50
  • Men Stomach Sugar – $50


There are certain times when waxing may be the better choice, and we offer that, too!

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