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Natural solutions for better skin health & vitality

Aloe Skin + Body takes a holistic approach to skin and body care. Our facial treatments are luxurious and completely customized to help you meet your skincare goals. We use high quality natural and organic ingredients in all our treatments.

Aloe Pure Facial


(60 minutes)

The aloe pure is our classic facial. It is tailored to your needs and includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, masks, extractions, high frequency, light peel, and massage of the arms, hands, neck, shoulders - plus a facial massage to help tone and lift. It concludes with plenty of hydration and sun protection. Please note, the neck and décolleté are included at no additional cost!

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Osmosis MD Facials

Why Osmosis MD?

A holistic approach producing medical-grade results! Troublesome skin conditions come from within…this philosophy is based on analyzing the skin and body as a whole to treat skin conditions at the source, restoring beauty and wellness. Osmosis MD focuses on treating the source of the skin problem, utilizing naturally-sourced, patented ingredients backed by rigorous scientific validation.

Osmosis Infusion Facial


(60 minutes)

Dermal remodeling; No downtime peel. A clinical spa facial that provides an instant glow, followed by long term rejuvenation. The nourishing infusion indulges the skin in concentrated formulas that stimulate blood circulation, encourage collagen production, provide skin clarity, and visibly soften fine lines. In the Facial Infusion, highly customized ingredients are massaged in…so relaxing! The Infusion encourages long term skin rejuvenation by helping lift hyperpigmentation and increase cellular turnover to restore that youthful glow without aggressive exfoliation!

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Aloe Pure Plus Facial


(75 minutes)

The Aloe Pure Plus Facial includes all the steps of the aloe pure facial completely customized by your esthetician, based on your needs. Enjoy an additional 15 minutes consisting of personalized treatments tailored to your individual skin goals such as extractions, facial massage, mask treatments and more. This facial does not include Facial Infusion.

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Osmosis Facial Add-ons: Osmosis Revitapen Pro


Think of Revitapen Pro as the non-invasive, painless alternative to microneedling! For no additional time, add the Revitapen Pro application to your Osmosis Facial Infusion or to the Aloe Pure Plus facial. Revitapen Pro, the nano-infusion tool, enhances product absorption and drives active ingredients deep into the skin by creating microscopic channels. By allowing active ingredients to reach deeper within the skin structure, rather than sitting on the surface of the skin, the ingredients are noticeably more effective. That means you can get more results out of your visit for only a slight increase in price - excellent for when you have a special occasion coming up or simply need your skin to look its best in a hurry. Also, regularly adding the Revitapen Pro to your routine facial treatments at Aloe Face + Body helps maximize your results, so you can spend less time in the treatment chair and more time out in the world enjoying your flawless skin.

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Dermaplaning Facial

Is dull skin mucking up your complexion? Hairy face skin and dead skin cell buildup are often to blame. Cell turnover decreases with age, leading to irregular shedding of the skin cells on the face. Likewise, fine hair on the face - even the type invisible unless examined closely - can leave the skin appearing muddled and less even-toned.

Dermaplaning is a technique that utilizes a sterile blade to gently remove the top layer of dead skin and vellus hair, also known as “peach fuzz.” This treatment leaves the skin super smooth, even, and hair-free! This treatment includes a cleanse, prep, and finishes with plenty of hydration and sun protection. Renew your skin surface with a dermaplane facial in Austin at Aloe Face + Body. In less than an hour, your skin will look and feel so much better. Dermaplaning can be simply added on to most any facial to enhance the absorption of those wonderful serums.

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Is dermaplaning painful?

Not at all. It may be referred to as the ‘scalpel facial’, but it does not hurt one bit — even if you have fairly sensitive skin, in the hands of our skilled estheticians at plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Whitfield’s Aloe Face + Body spa, there is absolutely no pain with a dermaplaning treatment. Your Austin dermablading facial simply involves passing a blade gently over the skin surface. Rather than cutting the skin, it simply removes the dead surface cells and fine hair holding you back from having the even-toned, vibrant skin you desire.

Add on a CBD Mask to your dermaplaning treatment

Take the results of a dermaplaning facial one step further by firming and strengthening the skin with a CBD mask.

Facial Austin Austin Facial

We offer a CBD mask with dermaplaning (45 mins/$100): Using only hand-picked, plant-derived ingredients and Full Spectrum CBD oil, MĀSK sheet masks were developed to restore skin to balance and promote radiance. As CBD oil calms the inflammation that can lead to skin distress, gentle yet powerful botanicals alleviate dryness and irritation plus encourage cell turnover for skin that looks clearer, calmer, deeply hydrated and glowing with health.

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Teen Facials

We are all familiar with (or have endured ourselves) the aggravating acne breakouts that many teens and preteens experience. Regular facials can promote the early development of a good skincare regimen and habits. This can help prevent infection and scarring from picking and squeezing and minimize breakouts.

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Teen Facial Austin

Aloe Pre-Teen Facial


(30 minutes)

For pre-teens, 10-12 years of age. This includes a cleanse, light exfoliation, light extraction as needed, mask, and high frequency. Light massage of the neck, shoulders, and arms can be included. Taking care of the skin during the transition period from childhood to the teen years sets your child on the path to have the clear skin every teen desires, and the confidence that comes with it, so they can get the most out of life.

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Aloe Teen Facial


(60 minutes)

For teens 13 to 19 years of age. This includes a thorough cleanse, exfoliation, and high frequency - with extra time for extractions and masks as needed. This teen facial is ideal for freeing the clogged pores and congestion that lead to unsightly acne blemishes and blackheads that tend to plague teens during the junior high and high school years.

Light massage of the neck, shoulders, and arms can be included. Conclude your treatment with plenty of hydration and sun protection. The Aloe Teen Facial is perfect for routine management of troublesome skin problems such as breakouts and the aggravating problems associated with having an oily skin type. This facial is also terrific for teens that are looking forward to special events, like school dances, prom, birthday parties, graduation, and homecoming.

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Aloe Teen Hydrafacial


(60 minutes)

This treatment includes all the steps of the patented HydraFacial for the face only. A HydraFacial is a patented system that harnesses the latest aesthetic skincare technology to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin. It uses a Vortex-Fusion® serum delivery system to enhance the penetration of topical skincare products that protect and nourish the skin back to life.

Time is allowed for extraction and skincare based on individual needs. If more extractions are needed they can be done as an add-on. While performing too many extractions can cause unnecessary skin irritation, HydraFacial MD® achieves gentle vacuum-assisted pore cleansing to remove dead skin cells and debris that are keeping pores clogged. It also purges impurities such as daily buildup and makeup from the skin surface to make extraction easier, using gentle, skin-safe acids in a low concentration considered safe for most teen skin types.

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Gua Sha Facial

Choose from 45 minutes ($115), 60 minutes ($145), or 90 minutes ($195)

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Gua Sha Facial Results Difference Frequency

What is a Gua Sha Facial?

Facial Gua Sha (pronounced: gwah shaw) is an ancient Chinese tool that elevates the health and function of all skin types by increasing the circulatory flow of blood and fluids. It focuses on moving lymphatic fluids, breaking down adhesions and hardness in muscles, and bringing blood + energy flow to the skin.

What does a Gua Sha Facial do?

Facial Gua Sha minimizes fine lines, reduces acne, calms puffiness, evens skin tone, lifts + sculpts + smooths the skin, eases tension on your face and neck, reduces sinus congestion, relieves headaches, and even wards off wrinkles. Muscle tension, inflexible fascia, and stagnant lymph are three primary causes of aging. By increasing the flow of blood to the skin, you can naturally improve hydration, encourage the skin’s ability to purge the dirt + sebum + general buildup in the pores that lead to acne, and increase your natural glow! Single treatments are excellent for alleviating jaw and neck tension and sinus pain and pressure. Facial Gua Sha can be done pre-event for reduced puffiness and a sculpted appearance.

What is the difference between a Gua Sha Facial vs a regular facial?

The main difference is that a Gua Sha Facial does not include extractions or masks. However, it is deeply relaxing, and most clients see the benefits after just one treatment!

How often should I get a Gua Sha Facial?

Experts recommend doing facial Gua Sha treatments 1-2 times a week for a total of 6-12 sessions before moving to a maintenance regimen of monthly professional treatments and 2-3 sessions per week or more at home. For those who cannot commit to that schedule, monthly treatments are still incredibly beneficial.

Celluma Pro LED Light Therapy


(30 minutes)

Cleared by the FDA for pain management and skin care, Celluma PRO uses light energy to improve cellular health by accelerating the repair and replenishment of compromised tissue cells. Celluma PRO offers a convenient, flexible panel that can treat multiple conditions in an all-in-one system. At Aloe Skin + Body, we offer in-spa stand-alone LED light treatments or you can add LED light therapy to any appointment. We also have Celluma Pro panels available for purchase!

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Facial Austin

Hot Oil Scalp Treatment
(15 minutes – $35)

Fifteen minutes of scalp massage bliss! Add out hot oil scalp treatment onto your massage or facial. We use a blend of oils, such as coconut or avocado, plus essential oils that will leave your scalp and hair feeling relieved and well-nourished. *Please note - you will leave with the oil in your hair!

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Sitting down for a talk with Dr. Whitfield is the first step on the path to the body you want. No matter your desired results, Dr. Whitfield’s years of experience and research into the latest developments in plastic surgery will help you along your journey. Contact us for a consultation today, and you’ll see why Dr. Robert Whitfield is widely regarded as a “Texas Super Doctor.”

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