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Stay competitive in the workplace with injectable treatments for men.

While the focus with men is often more about staying competitive in the workplace than it is about rejuvenation, there is nothing wrong with choosing to look as young as you feel. Dermal fillers and BOTOX can definitely help. But it is important to see someone with years of experience who really understands male facial anatomy as well as the male aesthetic. Treatments with BOTOX and fillers have become such a part of the everyday conversation that many of us tend to forget that treatment with injectables is a medical procedure.

Board-certified plastic surgeon for men in Austin

Dr. Robert Whitfield is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has been in practice for over 20 years. His goal with every male injectables patient is to deliver a refreshed, natural looking result. No one needs to know that you had anything done unless you decide to tell them.

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Are male injectables different than female injectables?

The first step to a younger looking you is to schedule a consultation for male injectables in Austin at one of our three convenient Austin locations (Lakeway, Round Rock, or Westlake Hills). Dr. Whitfield will listen carefully to your goals, examine your skin, and discuss your lifestyle. Together, you will come up with the treatment plan that’s right for you. This typically includes BOTOX and some type of dermal filler to smooth facial lines, wrinkles, and creases.

Botox for Men in Austin

BOTOX vs. Fillers

Many patients don’t seem to realize that BOTOX and fillers do two totally different things. BOTOX is a neurotoxin that diminishes the ability of the muscle in the treatment area to contract by blocking the signal to the nerves. If the muscle doesn’t move as often, you won’t see as many fine lines and wrinkles. Many men originally seek BOTOX injections to smooth frown lines between the brows. They may not realize that our BOTOX for men in Austin works on any active muscle.

Dr. Whitfield uses it on the crow’s feet around the eyes, in the forehead, around the upper lip and in the neck. BOTOX injections are also effective for treating excessive sweating in the hands, feet and underarms. Fillers, on the other hand, restore lost volume. They literally fill in fine lines and wrinkles, restoring loss of volume beneath the eyes, at the temples, or to subtly increase lip volume if they appear shrunken.

Dermal fillers

There are many different options when it comes to fillers. Some are better for certain areas than others. This is another reason why it’s smart to see an experienced injector like Dr. Whitfield. He not only understands the pros and cons of each filler, but he knows how to combine different fillers and BOTOX injections to really deliver a non-surgical facelift.

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Types of Fillers

Recovery after injectable treatments

In general, there is little to no downtime following a male injectables treatment. Depending on the type of filler used and the areas treated, you may experience some mile post-treatment swelling and bruising. This should resolve in about a week although it will take two weeks for you to see your final results. Our BOTOX for men in Austin require about three to ten days for the smoothing effect to appear.

Botox for Men in Austin

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