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Why choose Dr. Robert Whitfield for a male brow lift?

Dr. Robert Whitfield is a board certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience. He has an intimate understanding of male facial anatomy and proportion. His goal is to deliver a subtle, natural-looking improvement. A male brow lift with Dr. Whitfield will leave you looking younger, refreshed, but never as if you have had “work done.”

How is a male brow lift different?

While some men are genetically inclined to a heavier brow, the main culprit leading to a drooping brow is aging.

But while both men and women suffer the effects of age-related brow droop, there are a couple of important considerations in a male brow lift. The first is whether or not the procedure is the right way to refresh your look, based upon your facial anatomy.

The aesthetics of a male brow are naturally heavier than that of the female brow. A man’s brow can look natural either at or below the orbital rim (bones around the eye socket). It is critical that the surgical procedure does not over-feminize the look of your brow line by raising it too high.

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Where are the incisions in a male brow lift?

The incisions for a male brow lift are placed within the hairline. Since many men have shorter hair or are experiencing a receding hairline, this may make the procedure not an ideal choice for you. The most effective approach for facial rejuvenation will be discussed in detail during your initial consultation, with the assistance of our 3D imaging system.

Your private consultation with Dr. Robert Whitfield

Not every male patient is an ideal candidate for a brow lift. This is why scheduling a consultation at one of our three convenient Austin locations (Lakeway, Round Rock, Westlake Hills) is a critical first step in creating a more appealing facial look.

In your male brow lift consultation, Dr. Whitfield will perform a full physical exam. He will take measurements of your face and assess your skin quality and elasticity. He will listen to what you hope to achieve, and why you are considering surgery.

Together, you will come up with the procedure or procedures for best achieving your facial rejuvenation goals. This may include a male brow lift alone or in conjunction with a male blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) or male facelift.

What can a brow lift do?

This customized surgical procedure can improve the following signs of age on a man’s features:

  • Reduce the appearance of deeply-etched horizontal lines on forehead
  • Smooth the frown lines between your brows
  • Lift a sagging brow to a more youthful position
  • Create a more open, rested facial look by subtly lifting eyelids

Where are the incisions in a male brow lift?

The advantage of the endoscopic approach for men is that the surgery involves shorter incisions which can be more easily hidden in short hair.

There are three approaches to a surgical brow lift for men:

  • Coronal incision: Within the hairline
  • Lateral temporal: At the temples
  • Browpexy: Through the fold in the upper eyelid

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What can I expect in recovery from a brow lift?

After a male brow lift, it is normal to be bruised and swollen in the early stages of healing. The degree of post-operative swelling, and bruising will depend upon how your individual body heals. In general, most of the bruising should subside within one to two weeks, after which you can return to your daily activities looking refreshed, more approachable, and younger. You should notice a remarkable improvement within ten days to two weeks, although residual swelling may take up to six months to fully resolve.

Brow Lift for Men in Austin

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