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Dr. Robert Whitfield is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience in cosmetic facial surgery. He has a deep understanding of anatomy and balanced proportion. This, combined with his keen artistic eye, is what allows him to create exceptional results in nose reshaping surgery.

Should I get a nose job?

The first step on your journey to a new nose is the consultation. Dr. Whitfield will evaluate the size, shape, and projection of your nose structure carefully, and perform precise measurements. With the help of a 3D imaging system, you will be able to visualize various changes to your nose structure clearly, and a custom surgical plan established. Nose surgery may be performed alone or in conjunction with a chin augmentation or facelift.

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Benefits of rhinoplasty

A nose can be too large for the rest of your face, but it can also be too small, crooked, or oddly-shaped. The key to very successful nose surgery is creating the right nose for your unique features.

A rhinoplasty can:

  • Decrease the size of your nose
  • Narrow a bridge that it too wide
  • Reduce the size or change the shape of your nostrils
  • Remove a bump
  • Resolve nasal asymmetry
  • Reduce the size of the tip and/or change the position of the tip
  • Create a more attractive look for a “pinched” nose
  • Reduce an overlarge, hanging, or bulbous nose tip

Some patients may have a nose that does not function properly due to a deviated septum. A rhinoplasty can improve breathing issues by removing the blockages restricting airflow.

What is the rhinoplasty procedure?

Dr. Whitfield prefers to perform what is called an open rhinoplasty where an incision is made at the base of the columella, the cartilage that separates your nostrils. Depending on your individual condition, Dr. Whitfield may remove bone or cartilage, add cartilage with a cartilage graft (taken from the septum or the ear) and/or correct a deviated septum. All of this will be discussed with you in detail, so you fully understand the procedure, recovery, and what to expect in nose appearance, once healed.

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Protecting your new nose

It is very important to take protect your nose during recovery from the procedure, and in the months ahead. You want to avoid any kind of trauma to the nose; something as mild as forceful blowing of the nose could cause the splints to move.

While your initial swelling can take about two to six weeks weeks to fully resolve, the swelling at the tip of the nose may require up to a year to fully diminish, although others will not likely notice the minor residual swelling.

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