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Why choose Dr. Robert Whitfield?

Dr. Robert Whitfield is a board certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience in cosmetic surgery. He has an in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy and an artist’s eye for proportion. He looks to the big picture: how your eyes relate to your face as a whole, as well as the underlying causes of the aging around your eyes.

What is eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a surgical procedure to revitalize the look of the upper lid, the lower lid or both. It is a great option for both men and women who want to look refreshed, but who are not ready for a more extensive anti-aging surgical enhancement such as a facelift.

In a private eyelid surgery consultation, Dr. Whitfield will listen to your concerns and wishes. He will assess the skin tone and skin laxity in your upper and lower eyelid as well as the positioning of the fat pad underneath your eye.

Together, a treatment plan will be developed to address the issues that you want corrected. This may include eyelid surgery alone, or in conjunction with some type of filler or fat grafting beneath the eyes. Every eyelid surgery is a custom procedure when you work with Dr. Whitfield.

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Lower eyelid rejuvenation with AccuTite

AccuTite treatments are becoming the “gold standard” in scarless lower eyelid rejuvenation. If you are tired of seeing fatty deposits and sagging skin below your eyes that leave you looking older, sad, or continually exhausted, you may be a candidate for AccuTite. A groundbreaking development in aesthetics, AccuTite delivers focused, precision, RF energy to tighten skin, while removing excess fat.

If you are living with unsightly pads of fat beneath your eyes, you may be a candidate for minimally invasive treatments with AccuTite – imagine looking years younger, refreshed, and rejuvenated, without the long recovery time of traditional lower eyelid surgery? The results that can be achieved are scarless, long-lasting, and very natural in appearance.

Will I need dermal fillers?

For patients who only need upper eyelid surgery but still have some persistent shadows in the tear trough area, Dr. Whitfield may inject dermal fillers or utilize fat transfer to fill in the hollow beneath the eyes, the underlying cause of dark circles. All of this will be discussed in detail during your initial consultation.

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Eyelid Surgery Austin
Eyelid Surgery Austin

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