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Breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy – it is your right.

Thankfully, federal law requires that health insurance companies cover breast reconstruction – which should be planned in advance of undergoing a mastectomy, as in some cases, the reconstruction can be performed in the same surgical appointment as the mastectomy. Other breast reconstruction procedures will be delayed.

A sometimes complex but incredible procedure for restoring breast tissue lost in cancer treatment, breast reconstruction is a critical aspect of emotional healing. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Whitfield is a leading breast reconstruction surgeon and honored to be involved in your journey to better health, and a confident, happy life.

Why choose Dr. Whitfield for breast reconstruction?

Dr. Whitfield has performed thousands of breast reconstruction surgeries after either a partial or full mastectomy. He uses the latest techniques, including the DIEP flap method to create a new breast with your own natural tissue.

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Two decades of service to breast cancer survivors in Austin.

As a surgeon who has worked with breast cancer patients for past two decades, Dr. Whitfield is particularly sensitive to your needs. He recognizes that this is a very vulnerable and frightening time in your life. His job is to be there for you in whatever capacity necessary, side-by-side on every step of your journey through breast reconstruction.

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Recovery from breast reconstruction – what should you expect?

Breast reconstruction is performed under general anesthesia in a hospital or at an accredited surgery center. As with any surgery, recovery varies, patient to patient. Most of breast reconstruction procedures involve more than one component with some downtime between each step. This is a process that typically involves several recoveries.

In general, however, you can expect to be back to most normal activities in about 6 weeks from your initial reconstructive surgery. Other surgical steps are performed as an outpatient with recovery periods that vary based on the procedure(s) performed.

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