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A breast lift is a surgical procedure to re-contour and lift the skin and tissues of the breast so that they are on a more youthful place on the chest wall, along with relocating the nipples on the breast mound. The result is a younger, fully-rejuvenated breast.

What can a breast lift do?

A breast lift can restore a youthful look to breasts with the following problems:

  • Saggy breasts
  • Deflated-looking breasts
  • Breasts with nipples low on the breast
  • Breasts that have dropped low on the chest wall

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Where will the incisions be in a breast lift?

During your breast lift consultation, Dr. Whitfield will assess your breast tissue, skin laxity, nipple position in relation to the inframammary (beneath the breast) fold, and your desired outcome. His goal is to give you the best breast for your body and create the least amount of scarring.

There are a few differing incision placements, an what will be required for you will be based on your unique situation. The incision will be one of three basic surgical approaches:

  • Periareolar incision: The most common breast lift incision placement that Dr. Whitfield performs is the periareolar incision, placed around the nipple. He prefers this approach because it helps conceal the scar and leaves the visual appearance of the breast undisturbed.
  • Lollipop incision: Patients who require more of a lift to the upper pole of the breast (top portion of breast), a lollipop incision is made, around the areola, and vertically down the lower section of the breast to the fold.
  • Anchor incision: Patients with a large degree of excess skin that needs to be removed, Dr. Whitfield will use an anchor incision that adds a scar underneath the fold of the breast.

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Breast lift and augmentation

For many, a breast lift alone is enough to restore the breasts. For other women, the breasts may have lost considerable volume with time, and now droop and sag, lower on the chest wall. Some people take the opportunity to finally have larger breasts – something they may have wanted for years. Dr. Whitfield often combines a breast lift with a breast augmentation.

How does a breast lift and augmentation work?

The procedure involves placing temporary sizers to establish your perfect breast volume and then tailoring the lift to create the perfect profile. This may mean using two different size implants to balance your breasts from one side to the other. All of this will be discussed with you in detail during your consultation.

Recovery from a breast lift – what should I expect?

In cases where Dr. Whitfield only removes excess skin, the recovery from a breast lift is pretty quick and takes only one to two weeks. If he has had to remove considerable breast tissue and/or add an implant then your recovery will be longer, which can range from two to six weeks. Every person heals at a varying rate. Dr. Whitfield will recommend supporting bra to wear during your recovery, as well as scar therapy based on the type of incision required in your breast lift. Most women find an incision heals surprisingly well on the breasts.

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Breast Lift in Austin

Why choose Dr. Whitfield?

Dr. Robert Whitfield is a board-certified plastic surgeon with an uncommon level of artistry in performing breast lift procedures.

He has achieved recognition from his peers for his outstanding results, along with a five-star rating on realself.com. Often listed in Texas Super Doctors, “Best Doctors in America” and voted as one of the top doctors in Austin by the Austin Monthly Magazine, you can trust that your breast lift will be performed by one of the finest breast surgeons practicing in Austin, TX.

To find out more about a breast lift with Dr. Robert Whitfield, call us today at (877) 785-2832 or schedule a consultation at our Austin location in West Lake Hills.

Breast Lift in Austin

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