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Thanks to celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, a lovely, plump, rounded derrière has taken center stage. While many patients want bigger buttocks simply because they like the look, a Brazilian Butt Lift in Austin can be a powerful tool to re-contour the entire torso.
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Body shape – it all works together to create a beautiful body.

Many patients come in to see Dr. Robert Whitfield thinking that they need a tummy tuck or liposuction to their thighs. What most don’t realize is that the abdomen, thighs and buttocks all work together. In some cases, adding volume to the butt can reshape the outer thighs or decrease the appearance of the stomach. In others, a buttock augmentation can be performed to enhance the results of a tummy tuck or a mommy makeover.

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Why get a Brazilian butt lift?

A natural fat transfer procedure, or Brazilian butt lift, can restore a more youthful, rounded, lifted look to your derriere.
Why not have the buttocks you want, while reshaping your body during the process? You can, with the help of Dr. Robert Whitfield. There are many reasons why people choose to undergo a buttock augmentation. They come to our private Austin plastic surgery clinic for the procedure to resolve:

Age-related volume loss:

As the years pass, the buttocks lose volume and the skin becomes less flexible and firm, leading to a smaller, saggy, or less firm and shapely bottom.

Flatter butt structure:

Some people naturally have a flatter butt inherited through genetics and want a shapelier butt.

Small butt:

Many choose to undergo the procedure due as the size of the buttocks is too small to be balanced with the rest of the figure.

Weight loss:

The butt can become too small for the body shape due to a dramatic loss of weight.

After childbearing:

Women who have had several children can be dismayed to see the butt smaller, less firm and rounded, or saggy.
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Buttock augmentation – 
how does it work?

A buttock augmentation, sometimes referred to as a Brazilian butt lift (BBL), is a form of fat transfer (or fat grafting) that increases volume and changes the shape of the buttocks, while re-contouring the torso. The first step in a Brazilian butt lift is harvesting excess fat via liposuction from areas where you have an excess that you don’t want.

Typically, these areas include the abdomen, thighs, love handles and back. More often than not, fat is harvested from multiple body areas. The harvested fat is then cleaned and purified before being placed in a series of syringes. Dr. Whitfield will then use a very fine hollow needle (cannula) to artfully inject the fat cells into your buttocks. The goal of a successful buttock augmentation is to deliver a butt that is in lovely proportion to the rest of your body. Plastic surgery is both a science and an art, and Dr. Whitfield is known for achieving results that exceed expectation

Why choose Dr. Whitfield for a Brazilian butt lift in Austin?

Dr. Robert Whitfield is recognized as being among the finest board-certified plastic surgeons practicing in Austin.

He is often called upon to perform a custom buttock enhancement or what we call a Brazilian butt lift. The first step in achieving the sculpted body you want is a buttock augmentation consultation, at which Dr. Whitfield will do a thorough physical exam, assessing your body contour from a 360 degree viewpoint. He will listen to your goals and talk about your lifestyle. Together, you will come up with a treatment plan to match your vision for your body shape.

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Safety is our watchword

When a technique like the Brazilian butt lift becomes popular, it is easy to forget that buttock augmentation a surgical procedure. For it to be performed safely, it requires both skill and experience from a board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Whitfield has an intimate understanding of anatomy after decades of experience, knowing where the proper placement regions are and how to best inject the fat for a superior result, all performed with patient health and safety overseen by qualified professionals, in sterile conditions. Dr. Whitfield was a lead author on the Aesthetic Surgery Journal article, “Making Fat Transfer to Buttocks Safer” in September 2017.
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How long is the recovery from a Brazilian butt lift?

Natural fat transfer buttock augmentation is typically performed under general anesthesia in an accredited surgery center. You can expect to be sore and bruised for the first few weeks following surgery. Dr. Whitfield directs patients to avoid prolonged sitting for the first couple of weeks as this may adversely affect the distribution of the transferred fat cells.

He will recommend that you sleep on your stomach or your side for at least two weeks. You will be prescribed a support garment to wear 24/7 for at least a month, possibly longer. Most patients will be able to return to exercise in four to six weeks, but it may take in the range of three to six months for the swelling to fully subside – be patient and kind to yourself as your body recovers. The results are well worth the wait!
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