Finally, A Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Solution

Non-invasive skin tightening is one of the holy grails of face and body rejuvenation. But really effective skin tightening has always come at a price. Surgical procedures like a facelift, arm lift or thigh lift can restore your skin to its former, youthful glory, but the trade off is a scar. And in the case of an arm lift, it’s a pretty long, visible scar. Sometimes, this can’t be avoided. Patients who have undergone massive weight loss typically have so much excess skin that surgery is going to be the best option.

But what about the rest of us? As a plastic surgeon, part of my job is searching out new techniques and innovations that will benefit my patients. This is why I am so excited to offer the men and women of Austin BodyTite and FaceTite, a truly effective, non-surgical skin tightening treatment to tighten the skin, and also remove excess fat. Talk about a win-win.

BodyTite & FaceTite Treat Skin Laxity

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity or ability to “bounce back”. When I was in my twenties, if I pinched my forearm, the skin would automatically return to smooth. That’s no longer the case now that I am in my forties. Furthermore, we all lose volume in our face and neck as we age. While a facelift is always going to be the gold standard for facial rejuvenation, not everyone wants or necessarily needs a surgical procedure. Many of us also gain volume that we don’t want in our abdomen, flanks and back. Liposuction and non-surgical techniques like CoolSculpting can do wonders removing the excess fat. But they do nothing to address the laxity in your skin. In fact, removing the fat can often make your loose skin look even worse.

What is BodyTite & FaceTite?

BodyTite and FaceTite use RFAL, or radio-frequency assisted lipolysis, to address both excess fat and loose skin in the treatment area. This is revolutionary. The procedure is pretty simple. You come in to the office and I numb the treatment area with a local anesthetic. I then make two, tiny pinprick sized incisions through which to pass the BodyTite or FaceTite probe. Part of the probe goes underneath your skin while the other part remains on top of the skin. The radio-frequency energy passes between these two points, heating the skin from above and below. This duality allows the probe to melt the fat cells underneath the skin while also tightening and smoothing your skin’s surface. The probe on top also regulates the temperature so that there is no risk of burning your skin.

Benefits of BodyTite & FaceTite

BodyTite and FaceTite can be used anywhere that you have excess fat and loose skin — even those hard to treat areas like the upper arms, inner thighs, knees and neck. It’s best for patients who only have a mild to moderate degree of fat and skin laxity. But I will often combine BodyTite and FaceTite with a surgical procedure such as liposuction or a facelift to deliver even better results. The versatility if this procedure is one of the things that I love the most about BodyTite and FaceTite. The other benefits include:

  • You only need one procedure to get results
  • The procedure is fast, anywhere from 8-15 minutes
  • There’s no downtime
  • Your scars are minimal at most

BodyTite and FaceTite allows me to offer my patients a truly effective procedure that rests in that middle ground between something non-surgical and something surgical. While innovation is the name of the game in plastic surgery, I only believe in adopting something if it really works. The results from BodyTite and FaceTite have been astounding. I couldn’t be happier. So, if you have been wanting to take a few years off your face or body, but have been wary of surgery, book a consultation to come in and talk with me about BodyTite or FaceTite. Aren’t you worth it?

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"Because no two individuals are the same, cosmetic enhancement must be approached with meticulous precision and personalized care."

– Dr. Robert Whitfield, MD, FACS Plastic Surgeon – Austin, TX