We work with Ally Financial and PatientFi to finance your procedure.

As one of Austin’s best plastic surgeons, Dr. Whitfield wants to make sure you receive top-of-the-line care, without having to worry about financial obstacles. He is pleased to work with Ally Lending to streamline your patient experience and minimize potential headaches. 

Ally Lending offers patients multiple plans for medical loans for treatments, including plastic surgery treatments. These loans are made at a fixed rate, with no penalty for paying them off early, giving patients flexibility and peace of mind.

We will be happy to help you find more information about how Ally can help make your procedure happen. 

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We will help you work out the financial logistics you need so you can get the procedure you deserve, and that includes giving you multiple options for payment.

While we accept major credit cards, we also work with PatientFi for financing your procedure.

Feel free to contact us for more information or for help setting up financing for your upcoming procedure.

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